Trying to Lose Weight: 5 Vitamins That Help the Process
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Trying to Lose Weight: 5 Vitamins That Help the Process

Here are some vitamins that are known to increase one's natural metabolism.

Half of January has come and gone and this means that many of us have tried to shed those pounds but have failed miserably. Well who said that your New Year’s Resolution had to stop today? Get back on the wagon with these helpful tips that you will be sure to enjoy. Certain vitamins are essential for helping boost energy and metabolism. These vitamins can be found in certain food items or may be found as supplements at your local pharmacy.


It is a misnomer that salt, when ingested could be highly detrimental. However in Medline Plus, Iodine is essential for normal metabolism of cells and are needed for normal thyroid function. To find Iodine, make sure to purchase table salt with Iodine added. The salt package indicates Iodine addition on the nutritional facts ingredients page.


This is vitamin that is said to work with Choline, according to wiki how, to boost metabolism of fat. This vitamin can be found naturally in various soy products, eggs, and nuts.


In moderate trace amounts, chromium is essential for metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Chromium is directly related to regulation of insulin and is called the “glucose tolerance factor.” Foods naturally producing chromium include broccoli, grape juice, and potatoes.

Vitamin B

Highly water soluble, Vitamin B is essential for survival. For example, Botin or vitamin B7 is shown to control hormones. Vitamin B-12, in supplement form, is known to increase natural energy. Vitamin B is also known to boost your natural metabolism by approximately 10 percent. To take Vitamin B, one might wish to get a B complex supplement to attain the various different forms of vitamins including Vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6. If you want to take vitamins in a natural form, then you can find vitamin B in wheat bran, eggs and oats.

Vitamin C

Also water soluble, Vitamin C is also known for growth and development. In the meadia, Vitamin C is often stated to increase immune system ability. Commonly known as an antioxidant, Vitamin C blocks the damage of free radicals according to Med Line Plus. As a result by-products produced allow Vitamin C to be transformed into energy. This energy is a great necessity for just daily energy. It also gives you the extra momentum to go about the day or even have an extra boost of energy to work out at the gym.

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Voted up. Very interesting

I didn't know Chromium has something to do with our weight. Thanks.