New Weight Loss Medication Being Discussed by FDA to Be Combined with Diet and Exercise to Improve Health
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New Weight Loss Medication Being Discussed by FDA to Be Combined with Diet and Exercise to Improve Health

In the world we live in we are all constantly concerned with weight loss and health. The FDA committee is now looking at a new weight loss drug that may be the help so many people are looking for. Final decision October 2010

How many times have you tried to lose weight? Whether you are a little bit or a lot over weight, most of us have tried to lose weight from time to time. Why? Usually vanity, but now a days it is mostly for health reasons. We all want to live longer and don’t we get told on a daily basis what new food has risen to the top of the list of foods that is bad for you. Too much fat, too many carbs, too much sodium, only lean meat, only eat beef once a week, Mediterranean diet is best. Atkins is bad…an apple a day… STOP! I want to get off.

Basically the best way to lose weight is to take in less and exercise more. Simple. Right? Well actually…No it is not! Many many people think it is nearly impossible to lose weight and they wish for some help that will really help them.

The tried and true weight loss method, diet and exercise

Years ago there was a drug that turned out to be dangerous for some people that took it. At that time in my life I had the need to lose some weight and I needed more help than just diet and exercise, and my doctor put me on the medication called fen-phen. Yes the dangerous one. And it worked. I had an eating disorder and I could not stop thinking about food and what I would next put into my mouth. This problem stopped me from being able to control portions or limit my intake. The fen-phen fixed that and I lost 80 pounds. Fortunately I lost my weight before they took the drug off the market.

New Weight Loss Diet Pill on the Horizon

But there is some interesting news on the horizon in the medical community right now. The FDA is meeting to discuss a proposed new weight loss drug. This new drug is called Qnexa, and it is a combination drug of phentermine and topiramate. You may recognize the first drug in this combination, phentermine as the phen in fen-phen, Phentermine is not the dangerous partner of the duo. It has continued to be prescribed by physicians to assist with weight loss and it has been helpful for some but really not the exciting results that fen-phen had.

The other half of the duo was fenfluramine, the bad one, discovered to cause heart problems in some people. But in the new combination drug the partner to phentermine this go around is topiramate. It is already approved for the treatment of seizures and migraines. Qnexa will be in different doses specifically for weight loss.

Some People Just Need a Little More Help than just Diet and Exercise to Achieve Weight Loss

If this drug, Qnexa is approved it will have some specific guidelines as to who should have this medication prescribed. It will be indicated as a partner to diet and exercise as it should be. It will be best for people that are obese with a BMI over 30 and for overweight people with a BMI of 27 or more but who also have overweight related problems such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol.

This really could be a wonderfully powerful new medication that may be the lifeline to some desperate people who need help. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant and the other new partner to this drug, topiramate, decreases appetite and promotes felling like you are full for several hours.

There are of course the concerns of side effects that need to be addressed. There is no medication that does not have side effects, but since there was such a problem with the previous fen-phen they have to be especially careful. These concerns will be addressed by the FDA committee. The final FDA decision is expected October 2010.

FDA Decision on New Weight Loss Diet Pill in October 2010

So what do you think? Are you one that needs a little more help than just diet and exercise? Are you fearful to take this new combination drug Qnexa? Or do you say no thanks I learned from the fen-phen? It is going to be interesting.





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Comments (8)

A very informative article, Susan. I am one of the lucky ones who can eat anything that I want and never gain a single pound, thanks to a slightly hyperactive thyroid gland. I burn off those extra calories as quickly as I take them in. I stand a hair under six feet tall and still weigh in at a hair over 200 pounds at 68 years of age. Unfortunately most people are not as fortunate as I am and they need the information that you shared in this article.

Very good Susan! My doc won't let me have any medication... she doesn't trust any of it. I wanted that Phen Phen when it was on the market and my doc said absolutely not.. and then a few years later they were having warnings about it. I'm still plugging away at my weight loss .. it's just changing my lifestyle. My brother lost 134 pounds and is still coming down... he walks 5 miles a day now. Dieting doesn't work for me, but changing how I eat helps a lot.

Hi Charlene, Nice to see you again. I am really happy to hear you are doing okay. Interestingly enough. I took the Phen fen and really enjoyed. I lost over 80 pounds. It just took the thought of food right out of my head. But as we all know. That is not reality and when you do start eating again, you haven't learned anything new about how to monitor portions etc.

Jerry, Good for you! You look great!! And very nice to see you too. Thanks for coming by.

Very nice to see you too Susan. It's been forever since I have seen you.

Excellent article, Susan. Good to have you back but forgive me that I exceeded my quota for today's vote.

thanks guys, You don't know you miss a place until you take a break from it. I hope to be more active and I hope you all are doing well too. I have just been busy in other endeavors, trying to increase the income. You all know how that is.

This is outstanding information.