Guarana Benefits and Side Effects
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Guarana Benefits and Side Effects

The benefits of taking guarana herbal supplements as a natural weight loss remedy may not outweigh the side effects. GuranaÂ’s high caffeine content may cause nervousness and heart palpitations.

Guarana, also known as Paullinia cupana, is an herbal supplement often sold as a natural weight loss remedy. Made from the seeds of the plant, guarana is native to Brazil. The seeds stimulate the central nervous system and have thermogenic and diuretic properties.

In a nutshell, guarana is the richest known source of caffeine. It generally has two to three times the amount of caffeine that you would find in coffee. Guarana is used in a lot of energy drinks, although it is often not listed as caffeine on the ingredients list. Energy drinks can contain between 190 mg and 260 mg of caffeine, compared with coffee which has around 100mg.

Guarana Benefits

As a herbal weight loss supplement guarana works via a process called thermogenesis, in a similar way to ephedra and caffeine. The benefits of guarana include boosting the metabolism, which in turn may help burn more calories and help curb appetite. Generally, body fat that isn’t used up is often stored on the tummy, thighs and hips.

Natural Weight Loss Remedy

Anyone wanting to use guarana as a natural weight loss remedy should look for a product that is strong enough to speed up metabolism and curb the appetite, without giving you too many nasty side effects. Side effects can include nervousness or heart palpitations. Jitteriness can also be a problem with a high caffeine intake.

Guarana Side Effects

Just because you take a higher dose doesn't necessarily mean you will lose weight faster. You are more likely to just have more side effects.. If you decide to take any thermogenesis-based weight loss products it is important to drink more water and try to not skip meals, as this could result in low blood sugar problems. Also remember not to take any caffeine-based supplements before bed time, as they may keep you awake.

So, are the possible benefits worth the probable side effects? On the one hand guarana, or caffeine, may suppress appetite to a certain extent if taken in high doses. However, on its own it may not be particularly effective in creating a thermogenesis effect. Combining guarana supplements with Ephedra, or Ma Huang, may work better. However, the potential side effects of taking two powerful stimulants really outweigh any possible gain. Consult your doctor or health care professional if you think you want to try guarana. There are contraindications for anyone taking blood thinning medications, such as Coumadin, and some other drugs.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.

 Lima WP et al. "Lipid metabolism in trained rats: effect of guarana (Paullinia cupana Mart.) supplementation." Clinical Nutrition. 24.6 (2005):1019-28.

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